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Marriage as Culture: The Case Against "Same-Sex Marriage" [link]
Margaret Somerville

What If I Don't Change?

How Might Homosexuality Develop? Putting the Pieces Together

A. Dean Byrd,
Dr. Byrd Provides Testimony In English Court Case Regarding Same-Sex Adoption

The Double-Loop Experience

The Three Phases Of The Transformative Experience

Abbott, Ph.D.
The Role Of Free Agency In Sexual Identity Development
Douglas Abbott, Ph.D.

Survey Reveals Why Some 'Same Sex Attracted' Men Seek Change [link]

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Dr. Stanton

Dr. Douglas

Dr. Peet

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NARTH's Governing Board Unanimously Accepts the Leona Tyler Principle

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American Psychological Association Elects Alan E. Kazdin, Ph.D., Yale University As 2008 APA President

NARTH's Annual Conference Celebrates Another Year of Successes

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Top Stories
7.5.07 - Interviews/Testimonials
How a Gay Rights Leader Left the Lifestyle [link]

6.14.07 - Books & Reviews


The Story of Montgomery Clift

7.5.07 - Clinical/Therapeutic
Understanding SSA As A 'Signal'

7.9.07 - Events/Announcements
NARTH President Speaks at London Conference

4.23.07 - Clinical/Therapeutic
Why I Am Not a Neutral Therapist

5.8.07 - Social/Political
NARTH President Challenges Activist Psychiatrist on Scientific Misrepresentation

3.8.07 - "Born that way" theory

Dr. Francis
S. Collins

"Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired," Concludes Dr. Francis S. Collins, Head Of The Human Genome Project

3.21.07 - Interviews/Testimonials
Former APA President Dr. Nicholas Cummings Describes his Work with SSA Clients: 20% of clients with successful outcomes changed sexual orientation; the rest reduced promiscuity

2.26.07 - Social/Political
Gay Pressure Threatens Counseling [link]

7.10.07 - Events/Announcements
NARTH Annual Conference Slated for Dallas, TX in November

7.10.07 - Social/Political
GLAAD And Rockway Institute To Provide Media Training Before APA Convention

7.9.07 - Translations
New Spanish Translation Articles Available

7.5.07 - Medical Issues
In New Zealand: Substance Abuse Significantly Higher For Men And Women With SSA [link]

6.28.07 - Events/Announcements
Exodus International - Exodus Welcomes Dialogue at National Conference in Irvine [link]

6.27.07 - Medical Issues
Los Angeles County Launches Major Campaign Against STDs

6.27.07 - Ethical/Theological
Involuntary Responses: A Christian Understanding of Recurrent Temptation [link]

6.25.07 - Ethical/Theological
APA Appoints Gay Activists to Monitor Reorientation Therapy [link]

6.22.07 - "Born that way" theory
What Do First Stages Of SSA Or OSA Tell Us About Their Origin?

6.22.07 - "Born that way" theory
Facts, Not flattery, About Same-Sex Attraction

6.20.07 - Press Releases
American Psychological Association Appoints Political Activists to New Committee

6.20.07 - Gender Identity Disorders
Mother Encouraged To Enjoy Cross-Dressing Son

6.18.07 - Gay Activism in the Schools
Parents And Friends Of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) Questions How Maryland School Board Found 'Gay Gene'

6.14.07 - Events/Announcements
Call For Papers For Fall 'NARTH Bulletin'

6.12.07 - Gender Identity Disorders
Texas Psychiatrist Questions Sex Reassignment Surgery

6.6.07 - Parenting & Family
Matchmaking Service Sued For "Sexual Orientation Discrimination"

6.3.07 - Books & Reviews
The Case Against "Same Sex Marriage" by Margaret A. Somerville, LL.D. [link]

6.1.07 - Ethical/Theological
American Academy Of Physician Assistants Adopts Compromise Resolution On Reorientation Therapy

6.1.07 - Gay Activism in the Schools
Gender Confused Teenage Boy Wins Right To Wear Girl's Clothing To School

5.31.07 - Gay Activism in the Schools
PFLAG Targets Boy Scouts Conference

5.28.07 - Gender Identity Disorders
Sex Change Doctor In UK Reprimanded For Unethical Conduct

5.24.07 - Parenting & Family
California Gay Couple Wins Settlement Against Arizona-Based Adoption Web Site

5.24.07 - Books & Reviews
Pure As He Is Pure: My Struggle With Homosexuality by Chancellor Carlyle Roberts II [link]

5.24.07 - Books & Reviews
Male and Female He Made Them: Questions and Answers about Marriage and Same-Sex Unions: Books: Mary Jo Anderson [link]

5.23.07 - Ethical/Theological
New APA Task Force Lacks Reparative/Reorientation Therapists

5.23.07 - Gender Identity Disorders
The Transgender Double Standard [link]

5.14.07 - Clinical/Therapeutic Issues
The Primacy Of Affect by Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

5.14.07 - Gay Activism in the Schools
Massachusetts Parents' Group Posts Homosexual Teaching Video

5.14.07 - Parenting & Family
New Statistics Available: Rates of Divorce in Same-Sex Marriage [link]

5.11.07 - Press Releases
NARTH Urges Media To Accurately Report On Reparative Therapy

5.8.07 - What do clinical studies say?
'Nearly Straight' Men And The Fraternal Birth Order Effect

5.8.07 - Medical Issues
From the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association: Health Risks for Gay Men [link]

5.8.07 - Medical Issues
From the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association: Health Risks for Transgenders [link]

5.14.07 - Social/Political
New Study on SSA and Domestic Violence [link]

5.8.07 - Social/Political
Physician Assistant Group Being Pressured To Condemn Reparative Therapy

5.7.07 - Ethical/Theological
Evangelical Group Describes A 'Day In The Admissions Department' [link]

5.7.07 - Parenting & Family
Book Review: Our Marital Failure [link]

5.7.07 - What do clinical studies say?
NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee Member Publishes Analysis Of Maternal Immune Attack Theory

5.7.07 - Parenting & Family
On Natural Law and Same-Sex Marriage, by Dr. Harry Jaffa [link]

5.7.07 - Parenting & Family
Archbishop opposed to same-sex unions is threatened [link]

4.30.07 - Ethical/Theological
"Liberal-Conservative Theological Battle May Have Turned Deadly" [link]

4.27.07 - Parenting & Family
Review of the study: "Adjustment And Parenting In [Dutch] Lesbian-Parent Families" Bos, H. M. W., van Balen, F, and van den Boom, D. C., (2007). American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol 77, No. 1, 38-48.

4.11.07 - Ethical/Theological
Same-Sex Attraction and Halakhah [link] An interpretation of Jewish law for followers of the Conservative Movement

4.2.07 - Clinical/Therapeutic Issues
Struggling Alone [link]

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Janelle M. Hallman, MA, LPC is a licensed professional counselor specializing in treating women who are in conflict about same-sex attractions and emotional dependencies.

The Trojan Couch
Psychiatrist Jeffrey B. Satinover, M.S., M.D. explains how the mental-health associations have misrepresented key scientific evidence in recent court testimony.

The Meaning of Same-Sex Attraction
In this paper taken from an upcoming book, author Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. describes his concept of same-sex attractions as a reparative drive.

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