This reference is to an interview in The Daily News (Sw.: ‘Dagens Nyheter’) of the Supreme Court Chief Justice, Bo Svensson.  In the interview Svensson makes excuses for the homosexual crimes (on at least five different occasions) committed by his Associate Justice Leif Thorsson (see ref.33 or side bar Nr.1).  Only homosexual crimes are handled in this manner in our politically correct country of today.  If five similar crimes were committed by a heterosexual person, it would be handled very differently.  Translated into your language it reads (in part): 

Supreme Court (Sw.: HD for "Högsta Domstolen") Chief Justice jokes about the sex purchase by the Associate Justice.
The Associate Justice who paid for sex service keeps his job

The Associate Justice who paid for sex will keep his job in HD.  Associate Justice Leif Thorsson may continue to sit on court in trials pertaining to sex.  Despite the fact that he himself has broken the law.  Chief Justice for HD, Bo Svensson, yesterday spoke jokingly that the sex purchase by his colleague did not need to be considered a drawback.

"Just the opposite. You could argue that he has deep knowledge about the subject", Svensson states in an interview with the Daily News.

Yesterday, the Attorney General stated that he sees no reason for Leif Thorsson to be separated from his position.  The Attorney General does not think that Thorsson has proven himself  "unsuitable to uphold the position" which is a condition for being fired.

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