To be sure, there were also some liberal media, normally favorable to the homosexual agenda, who thought the spectacle being played out had gone too far.  In a related article in The Daily News on May 26, 2005 they wrote as follow (translated in part from Swedish into your language): 

"Educate the Justices in the law about the sex trade."

After the Supreme Court Justice Bo Svensson’s declarations in The Daily News yesterday, several prosecutors believe that the Justices ought to undergo training on the sex trade law. 
"They don’t seem to understand that the people who pay for sex are at the root of widespread organized crimes", according to prosecutor Hans Ihrman. 
But the leadership of the Supreme Court rejects the proposal as "strange".

Svensson (the Chief Justice) stated that there are "many widowers in our profession who have problems getting sex".  Then Svensson quoted a poem by Gustav Fröding, in which the main character finds it necessary to go to a prostitute to get love.

Note: Any complaints about Thorsson’s at least five criminal activities were in vain.  And Thorsson (as of 2007) still serves as Justice on the Swedish Supreme Court.  He also holds other important positions in society.  He is for example a member of the Disciplinary Committee at the Business School of  Stockholm. 

For a look at the original article in Swedish click here (file size: 1.2 MB)