This is an article in another newspaper four days later (May 30, 2005) where Chief Supreme Court Justice Bo Svensson continues to justify his previous outrageous statements.  The article (translated from Swedish) reads: 

"I’m a Göteborgare" (which means a person from Gothenburg; 2nd largest city in Sweden)
In this way the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court explains his outrageous statements. 

Here the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Bo Svensson, makes another blunder.  In Swedish TV’s Agenda he explains his missteps in the Leif Thorsson affair in this way:
"I am a göteborgare".

Bo Svensson, last week was asked by a reporter if the sex convicted Leif Thorsson - the Associate Justice who bought sex from a high school boy but got to keep his job - ought to be disqualified from adjudicating trials relating to sex.
"Just the opposite.  You could argue that he has deep knowledge in the subject area", Bo Svensson told the reporter.
He continued with reference to a comment from a Belgian judge:
"There are many widowers who have problems getting sex".

"I have gallows humor"
Bo Svensson was interviewed yesterday by Lars Adaktusson in Swedish TV about his pronouncements and gave this explanation:
"I’m a göteborgare with gallows humor".  
He repeated the explanation several times during the interview. 
The strongman in Gothenburg, supervisor Göran Johansson (s), does not accept the excuses.   

No tradition
"Generally speaking, the people from Stockholm misunderstand us from Gothenburg, but it’s not a tradition in Gothenburg to jokingly excuse serious matters.  You have to take responsibility for what you say. I don’t understand his train of thought", Göran Johansson continues. 
Even the TV reporter (from Gothenburg) Janne Josefsson, who made many noticeable contributions to
"On Assignment; the examination of prostitution and the sex trade", reacted to Bo Svensson’s new blunder.  "I think it came through crystal clear that he does not like the sex trade law and is trying to distract us from his pronouncement by saying that he is from Gothenburg.  Real painful", says Janne Josefsson. 

Did not want to comment
During the interview it’s with some hesitation that he says yes to the question of whether the sex trade ought to be outlawed.
"We have outlawed it and then we are not allowed to use that possibility", he finally said.
When the Evening Newspaper (Sw.: Aftonbladet) late last night got hold of Bo Svensson he did not show us his cozy side of being from Gothenburg.
"I don’t want to make more comments about this. The interview in Agenda was my final statement  on this issue.  Goodbye!"

Note: Any complaints about Thorsson’s four criminal activities were in vain.  And Thorsson (as of 2007) still serves as Justice on the Swedish Supreme Court.  He also holds other important positions in society.  He is for example a member of the Disciplinary Committee at the Business School of  Stockholm. 

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